Oracle Database 19c

Revolutionize your Database Experience


Oracle continues to be the fastest, state-of-the-art, revolutionary database in the world. Oracle Database 19c, now available for on-premise as well as cloud customers. This can soon be yours too, allowing you to unlock the full potential of new database features and transform your IT operations.

Oracle announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 that Oracle Database 19c will offer the capability to have three pluggable databases without paying for the multi-tenant licensed option. This news revolutionizes how enterprises will perform database upgrades, data center migrations, and even “move and improve” applications to the cloud with a near zero downtime approach and methodology.

Depending on the customer’s anticipated go-live date, Viscosity recommends that customers either upgrade to Oracle Database 18c or 19c. If your production go-live date is within 6 months or if you have an aggressive upgrade schedule, Viscosity recommends that you upgrade roadmap lean towards Oracle Database18c. At this time, Oracle Database19c is still relatively new with very limited patches released. With our N-1 approach towards customer stability and reliability, Viscosity would not recommend making this jump at this point. Some of the vendors have not released their certification with Oracle Database 19c. If your anticipated go-live date is after April of 2020, it is then recommended that you upgrade directly to Oracle Database 19c.

The terminal release of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( went out of premier support at the end of 2018. The terminal release of Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( went out of premier support at the end of July 2019. Oracle Database version 12.2 ( will go out of premier support at the end of November 2020. Extended support for this release will not be available for purchase. 

Viscosity and Oracle are recommending that customers upgrade their databases to Oracle Database 19c, as this version is the terminal release of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 and long- term support or extended support will only be offered on this version. Oracle strongly recommends the following upgrade paths:

  • Now that Oracle Database 19c has released on most major platforms, Oracle’s stance on upgrading has shifted away from Oracle Database 18c as an option and is now focusing only on Oracle Database 19c.
  • If you are currently running Oracle versions 11.2.x/12.1.x you will need to upgrade to the terminal release for the product you are running and then continue the upgrade process by upgrading to Oracle Database 19c (Long term support release).
  • If you are currently running Oracle Database version, please upgrade to Oracle Database 19c before the error correction grace period expires. Extended support will not be available for Oracle Database version or Oracle Database 18c releases.
  • Oracle Database 19c will have premier support up to March 31, 2023. Extended support will be provided until March 31, 2026. 

As a reference, please check MOS Note 742060.1 for the latest schedule and updates.

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Extended Oracle Support
Oracle offers premier support for five years after general availability of the software release date. Premier support provides customer the ability to download product upgrades and patches, as well as receive 24×7 support from

After 5 years, customers can optionally purchase extended support for another 3 years. Oracle’s Extended Support offers updates, bug fixes, security patches, tax/legal/regulatory updates, and access to major product and technology releases. Extended support cost comes at an extra cost above the Premier Support cost.

Extended Support fees are calculated as a % of the Premier Support Fees:

  • Year 1 of extended support (year 6 of Oracle software after product release): 10% of current Premier Support fees
  • Year 7 and year 8 after product release: 20% of current Premier Support fees.


Oracle Platinum Partner
Viscosity is an Oracle Platinum Partner with Oracle and is known in the industry for performing hundreds of databases upgrades; leveraging technologies like SharePlex, HVR and GoldenGate to perform near zero downtime database upgrades. Viscosity’s team of database experts can help with the database upgrade, but most important, walk you through the upgrade process to post upgrade support to mitigate potential performance issues after the database upgrade.