Full Stack Development Solutions on Any Platform

For your enterprise and commercial software and solution needs, Viscosity will custom build software to serve your business, integrate and extend your purchased enterprise apps, or update your legacy and dated solutions with usability and security.
Need it on any cloud or mobile platform? No problem.



Software built from scratch to serve your needs.



Integrate and extend your purchased enterprise apps.


Update your legacy and dated solutions with usability and security.



Need it on any cloud or mobile platform? No problem.


Did you know we are a front runner in custom Oracle Application Express applications?

Commercial Facing & Enterprise Application Development

Viscosity specializes in Rapid Application Development, bringing a disciplined team based approach to all aspects of Inception, Design, and Build. We right-size the solution to fit your needs and individual platform preference, specializing in Oracle and Open Source frameworks. For Enterprise applications, the emphasis is usually on lower cost using off the shelf components for routine workflow tasks. For Commercial facing applications, the emphasis shifts to higher usability and branding.


Application Updates, Migration & Re-platforming

We can help you move your applications from older, non-strategic, and insecure platforms onto modern, secure, and strategic ones. The process starts with a quick, high-value assessment of your legacy applications and data, followed by a pilot or proof of concept. Next, we drive a project scoping exercise that leverages skills from your own team and drives to a surprisingly fast return on investment.

Analytics & Data Intelligence

We help your team transform raw data into actionable intelligence. With a proven rapid approach to building data warehouses, reporting solutions, and transactional systems that interact with data, we can deliver valuable solutions quickly, just as we’ve done for over 1500 companies worldwide.

Cloud Applications

Specializing in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS we offer a broad array of expertise getting your applications ready for the Private, Public, or Hybrid cloud environments. We are one of the leading partners in transforming customers to the Oracle Cloud, and have architects in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We help our clients leverage available offerings to deliver the right solution including NoSQL, Messaging, Internet of Things, Content Distribution, Distributed Storage, Distributed Compute, Elasticity, and Search.

Integration of Systems & Data

Integrating complex commercial software systems is some of the most costly work that IT organizations engage in. Even more costly are the expensive middleware solutions these same commercial vendors are marketing to solve these integration problems. We work with your team to carefully right-size an integration approach… one size never fits all and middleware may not be the correct solution.

Mobile Web & Native Mobile Applications

The mobile revolution has driven consumers to demand a mobile friendly approach to application development. Viscosity carefully designs every web application up front with mobile devices in mind, with little or no additional cost, ensuring that your application users have flexibility and options in the future. We also have specialists in developing native mobile applications in both Android and iOS.

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Oracle Code Day features Oracle COO and Head of Apps, Jerry Ward, and Viscosity’s custom application development projects.
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