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Viscosity has technological experts capable of providing innovative services to help keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. 


Viscosity experts are available to help in a variety of ways. We’ve helped customers migrate from DB2/SQL Server on AIX to Oracle on Linux with zero downtime with the help of replication technologies such as GoldenGate. We’ve even helped a Wall Street trading firm consolidate and virtualize Oracle databases onto a VBlock. We’ve provided consulting and assistance for Big Data, Data Warehousing, and BI projects.

Viscosity is here to help. Founded by industry and authored experts, Viscosity can ensure that you will receive cost-effective services from our leading and certified experts that will produce none other than optimal quality results. Whether you are on-premise or in the cloud, need help leveraging your Exadata environment, or if your team could use a hand enhancing mission critical systems; working with Viscosity can be of great benefit.

Viscosity Engineered Expertise/Cloud Services

Sourcing is the most efficient way to get the best IT services that meet business need, while also reducing infrastructure costs.

Near Zero Downtime Database Upgrades to Oracle 19c

Viscosity has a proven methodology to perform migrations and consolidations with near zero downtime.

Performance Optimization

We can leverage your database environment and manage key elements of your systems 24/7.

Near Zero Downtime Database Upgrades to Oracle Database 19c

Viscosity is partnered with all the leading data replication software vendors. Viscosity has a proven methodology to perform migrations and consolidations. Leveraging data replication technologies, we can re-platform your environment onto new hardware or to the cloud while upgrading the database to the latest Oracle Database 19c release with near zero downtime. Our dedicated team of Oracle RAC DBA’s can maintain your infrastructure and keep your database thriving.



Acheiving ideal performance requires the performance of the system stack to be optimal. Viscosity’s Proactive Healthcheck and assessment provides customers assurance that their systems are healthy and scalable. The goal is to help you save time, money, and avoid unncessary outages.  

Performance Optimization 

Viscosity is comprised of authors of Oracle best practices and will empower your team to manage and optimize your Oracle stack. The Oracle Performance Assessment takes a deep dive into the customers Oracle stack and how to better leverage their environments. 

Viscosity’s Virtualization & Private Cloud


Viscosity North America specializes in private database cloud. Whether you choose to leverage a hypervisor, implement RAC or leverage Exadata as your consolidation platform, we can take you where you want to go.

We have VMware Certified Professionals, Oracle VM Certified Specialists in the x86 platform, and strong skills in Oracle Sun virtualization. We can help customers migrate their silo’ed infrastructure to the virtualized database infrastructure. Our most heavily leveraged skill set has been in the area of migrating customers off of AIX and Solaris platforms to Linux (to VMware or OVM).

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 Viscosity’s Engineered Systems Expertise


Viscosity North America has been providing world class Exadata services to our clients for several years. Viscosity experts are Exadata certified and have extensive experience working on large and complex projects. If you’re considering an investment in Oracle Exadata (or have already made one), we offer cost-effective services that will provide you with assurance that your mission critical systems are performing at their optimal capability.


Viscosity North America’s Engineered Systems Professional Services Offerings include:

Exadata Architectural Design

Migration Services

Consolidation Implementation

Patch Management

Implementation Services

Big Data

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Authors of Industry Best Standards

Our team is made up of industry best authors with a long history in Oracle Database and Engineered Systems, Performance Tuning, RAC and High Availability. 

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