Many companies are in the process of, or are considering a migration, to the cloud, but are struggling with the complexity and security of the move.

Viscosity North America provides an alternative cloud move option-

Edge Cloud Computing Solution

Bridging the gap across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise computing in a hybrid model.

Edge cloud computing takes compute capacity to where the traffic and users are with the lowest cost and extreme network speed. In addition, Edge Cloud Computing provides the ultimate flexibility and simplicity to integrate to all public cloud providers such as Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Cloud Computing at the Edge is transforming the IT computing landscape for both on-premise and traditional cloud, offering flexibility, security, and lowest total costs, plus very high service availability to all devices and business application.

Since the current cloud-based networks rely on centralized architecture at each cloud provider data center, the drawback is that this architecture cannot cost-effectively support the ultra-low latency and extreme throughput demanded by the Internet of Things, Mobile 5G, and Hybrid Architecture of cloud and on-premise. A typical low latency and fast private network from the customer data center to the cloud provider data center would require significant investment in new network technology on-premise and much higher monthly cost for dedicated network link. These additional investment and monthly expenditure will erode the cost savings for cloud computing.

Currently, many companies are in the process or considering at migrating to cloud computing, but struggling with the complexity and the security aspects. Therefore, Viscosity provides an alternative with Edge Cloud Computing Solution to bridge the gap across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise computing in a hybrid model.

Viscosity Edge Cloud Computing Solution will provide a simplest, secured, and most cost effective solution for companies with very complex and hybrid computing environment. To ensure the lowest TCO, very high business service availability, and extreme network access, Viscosity will implement computing resources between the customer data center to the public cloud to form an edge cloud, which places computing resources where the network traffic demand and the users are – at the edge of the cloud.


Viscosity provides the following Edge Cloud Advisory and Implementation Services:

– Cloud Readiness and Assessment for Data Center
– TCO Analysis for Cloud vs. On-Premise
– Application and Database Modernization
– Business and Digital Transformation
– Hardware, Storage, and Network Modernization
– Architecture and Migration to the Cloud

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