Viscosity North America: The Voice of the Cloud

The cloud landscape is becoming crowded with different providers and offerings – each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses — and it is often difficult to know where to turn for answers.

That’s where Viscosity North America comes in.

With deep expertise in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions across all the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), our consultants have the ability to understand both the cloud architectures and the business drivers behind cloud adoption.  This allows for a multi-cloud, provider-agnostic approach unique to each individual client, resulting in best fit / best of breed technology solutions with faster deployment times and significant savings in operational expenditures.

At Viscosity North America we live by one single axiom:  our customer’s success = our success!

Strategic – making the decision to deploy some or all your organization’s assets into the cloud.

Speed and Agility

Leveraging the agility of the cloud to quickly spin up environments for new projects or proof of concepts, allowing your business to spend less time on acquisitions and setup of infrastructure and more time on innovation.


Taking advantage of architectures that will quickly scale up or scale out, allowing your organization to only purchase the resources you need and use them only when you need them.


Trade-off capital expenditures for operational expenditures by purchasing what you need at the time you need it, resulting in cost savings to the organization.


Deployment – moving business assets from legacy platforms into the cloud.

Lift & Shift

Provision cloud resources and quickly move your existing infrastructure “as-is” to a cloud environment.

 Cloud-Native Development

Deploy your business while using modern technologies such as containerization and serverless functions for a modern, dynamic, scalable solution that streamlines both operations and costs.


Identifying how to move data and applications from existing infrastructure and into the cloud as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize impacts on the business.


Deploy cloud environments with industry standard automation tools and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to eliminate manual processes and create a consistently reproducible, stable infrastructure that allows the business to get more done in less time.


Operations – managing the systems in the cloud while maintaining critical tasks such as security, performance, and availability.


Identifying modern web services and services models that automate common tasks and reduce administrative toil such as backups, patching, and maintaining high-availability configurations.


Benchmarking current performance metrics and determining how to translate that into cloud resources allowing you to meet your business goals without overprovisioning and paying for resources that you are not using.


Most security breaches in the cloud are due to misconfiguration of cloud resources, so that means designing security architectures that are setup properly to protect your organization’s information assets.


Viscosity North America is able to assist your business at all these levels, whether in the boardroom with C-level executives defining and planning a cloud strategy, working hand-in-hand with your organization to execute a plan to convert from an on-premise to a cloud architecture, or making sure that the cloud systems continue to fulfill the requirements of your organization even after they have been deployed.

We can provide resources to get you up and running in the cloud or provide ongoing managed services to maintain your cloud environment.  This allows our enterprise-class team to manage your technical infrastructure while allowing you to focus on your core business:  we manage while you innovate.

Experience the Viscosity Difference.

At Viscosity North America, our consultants are subject matter experts in their field with decades of collective experience.  We know what works because we have done it, not because we read about it.

  • Subject Matter Experts
    • Our consultants have advanced certifications and expertise in most of the major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle)
  • Personalized Approach
    • No two customers are the same, so our approach is not cookie-cutter, so what works for others may not work for you. Our solutions are customized to the business needs of each individual client.
  • Proven Experience
    • Our consultants are certified experts in cloud and supporting technologies, including infrastructure, databases, and DevOps development. We have supported clients in all of the most common industry verticals including defense, education, finance, healthcare, retail, and others.
  • Industry Leaders
    • Many of our consultants hold leadership positions in regional and national user groups and are sought-after speakers who and considered leading experts in their fields.

Reach out to us today to find out more and determine how Viscosity can help accelerate your journey to the cloud!