Viscosity’s Exadata Managed Services Meet the Extreme Demands of the Modern Business Enterprise 

April 22, 2022, Plano, TexasViscosity North America, Inc. (“Viscosity”) is excited to announce its Exadata managed services offerings as an Oracle Platinum Partner. It offers advanced remote management and proactive monitoring solutions for the complete Exadata stack on a 24-hour, 7 days per week, 365 days per year schedule. Viscosity sets up and configures alerts, notifications, and events and installs custom scripts for monitoring and management activities. BASE monitoring of the Exadata environments will be achieved using Oracle Enterprise Manager. Enhanced monitoring will happen through Viscosity’s proven set of custom scripts.   

Oracle Exadata doesn’t just run your workloads like any other system; it capitalizes on the technology to deliver performance, scalability, and stability unavailable in any other solution.  Offering many benefits among other cloud/technology solutions, Exadata also includes the following features:  

  • It offers both the ability to offload I/O onto its engineered storage systems – drastically reducing costly and inefficient I/O operations from its core processing – and uses persistent memory (PMEM) to accelerate both database commit times and I/O operations.   
  •  It has a single-solution provider for all the hardware and software components, therefore avoiding unforeseen compatibility issues, reducing the risk to the business, and providing a more predictable and consistent uptime of mission-critical infrastructure.  
  • Only Engineered Systems can leverage Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC).  This feature is free and available on most Engineered Systems.   
  • It is designed at each step to provide full redundancy and eliminate single points of failure, allowing customers to trust that data stored in their databases will be available when needed and as quickly as possible.   

The principals of Viscosity are subject matter experts (SMEs) in Exadata. Not only are they certified Exadata implementation specialists, but they have authored a book on Exadata, showcasing their knowledge and experience in this area.  Most SMEs have been involved in Exadata deployment for generations, starting with Exadata V1 in 2008.   Over the past couple of years, Viscosity has deployed, patched, or upgraded over 200 Exadata for their customers. 

Viscosity has certified Exadata Engineers who can image an Exadata with Oracle’s best practices. From a block of hours to complete remote management, customers can rest assured and be confident in trusting Viscosity to manage and support the Exadata platform.  Viscosity’s Exadata managed services span beyond just on-premise Exadata.  The expertise also covers Exadata Cloud Service and Exadata Cloud@Customer. 

 For additional information, you can refer to Viscosity’s Exadata Expertise Site: 

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About Viscosity:

Viscosity North America

Viscosity North America

Viscosity is a recognized niche Oracle and Microsoft consulting firm of database technologies based out of Plano, Texas. Viscosity was founded by industry and authored experts who are prominent thought leaders with backgrounds in Oracle, VMWare, Microsoft, and Informatica. Viscosity’s capacities include Oracle database tuning, high availability & scalability solutions, Apex Development, Cloud migrations & integration, technical architecture, SQL performance tuning, data architecture, and custom application development.