Viscosity North America Delivers on Microsoft SQL Server Services

Expert Database Service by Certified SQL Server Experts

Leverage Viscosity North America as your trusted advisor to handle all of your database challenges flawlessly by drawing on proven, tested approaches. No matter how complex your consulting needs – from short-term SQL Server performance Tuning and Health Check assessments to complete support of projects – Viscosity is your single source expert.


Viscosity’s experts stay on the bleeding edge of best practices, with an end result that is focused on the maturity roadmap to optimal database productivity and continuity from security to backup and recovery, HA, performance, manageability, SLAs, and standardization.


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As a customer, Viscosity provides a run-time license of Linux SQL Server Installation Software to  simplify and automate the SQL Server installation and configuration on Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu operating system. Embedding industry standards and reference architecture into the software, giving customers a jump start on Linux adoption.


Education and Training Services

Viscosity provides SQL Server administration training courses for DBAs and Architects. For customers who are new or seasoned on the Linux platform, Viscosity offers education and training on Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu Linux. Viscosity can custom tailor training courses that incorporate best practices to bring DBAs and system administrators up to speed on running SQL Server on Linux.


High Availability and Disaster Recovery

With extensive expertise in Disaster Recovery and High Availability technologies, Viscosity also provides AlwaysOn Availability Group and Microsoft SQL Server Clustering. Our SQL Server consultants lead the charge on new Microsoft technologies and can architect and implement AlwaysOn Availability Group as part of your upgrade strategy. In collaboration with your team, we will determine the right strategy based on your RPO and RTO.


Database Virtualization Services

Viscosity helps customers determine the best technology to achieve rapid return on investment and fastest elasticity for your SQL Server databases and its underlying infrastructure. By assessing your performance, availability SLA, and business drivers for business critical databases, we then outline the possible options for virtualization. Once the objectives and plans are determined, we will architect and implement the virtualization technology that best meets your business and IT objectives; and help you migrate your database(s) with near zero downtime.


Proactive Expert Management Services

Viscosity North America can provide you day-to-day SQL Server database support at reduced cost. Even the best resources get sick, go on vacation, or move on. To keep your database thriving and manage key elements of your systems 24/7, our dedicated team of SQL Server Expert DBA’s can maintain your infrastructure and improve your quality of service for less.


Zero Downtime Zero Risk Database Migration Services

When you are re-platforming Oracle or DB2 databases running on AIX/Solaris/HP-UX/Linux to Microsoft Windows SQL Server or migrating onto a virtualized infrastructure, Viscosity North America experts have fine tuned their migration methodology that centers around zero downtime to business and zero risk value proposition for executive management.  


Backend Development and Architecture

Viscosity has a strong team of SQL Server DBAs with decades of experience in design and creation of custom database schemas. We are experts in Transact- SQL and backend application development logic, and will work with your team to understand what your requirements are and architect a model that delivers performance.  


Health Checks & Performance Tuning Services

Ensure that your database is running optimally and identify areas for improvement. This service is designed to provide an unbiased evaluation in order to identify bottlenecks and configuration issues, and Viscosity has helped many clients isolate issues and improve performance. The database assessment is designed to not only analyze the current state of your environment, but also to help create a roadmap for the future. Running out-of-date hardware or software? Neglected disaster recovery planning? Spiraling storage costs? Turn to us with confidence.  


SQL Server Best Practices

Viscosity’s Database Experts are constantly tweaking the best practices with the latest and greatest findings. The end result is a focused maturity roadmap to optimal database productivity and continuity from security to backup and recovery, HA, performance, manageability, SLAs, and standardization.


SQL Server Replication Services

Viscosity provides comprehensive services for Data Replication. Whether you are leveraging SQL Server Replication, Quest SharePlex or GoldenGate Replication, Viscosity can provide you alternative levels of data protection and availability or data replication strategies for of off-loading reports and reducing production workloads.

Learn more about how you maximize your investments by leveraging Viscosity Database Experts by emailing us at You will see transformations in your organization as we incorporate our best practices into your organization.