Proactive Healthcheck

Achieving ideal performance requires that the performance of each component of the system stack is optimal. Viscosity’s Proactive Healthcheck and assessment provides customers assurance that their systems are healthy and scalable. Viscosity offers an independent and impartial review of your Oracle environment. The goal is to help you save time, money and avoid unnecessary outage.Companies enlist Viscosity North America for these services before a major change, such as a RAC addnode, database upgrade, or as part of annual review. Viscosity North America Proactive Healthcheck Includes:

  • Review current system – I/O throughput, CPU usage, OS parameter setting
  • High Impacting SQL
  • Patch Analysis
  • ASM and storage review
  • Backup and Recovery review
  • Database and System Monitoring review
  • Security vulnerabilities review
  • RAC Healthcheck*

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