Get ready for a completely new database experience

with Oracle Database 18c.

Oracle continues to be the fastest, state-of-the-art, revolutionary database in the world.  Oracle Database 18c, now available for Exadata and ODA customers, has been generally available for Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems customers since February 2018. Soon, you will be able to unlock the full potential of the new database features and transform your IT operations.
Oracle Database 18c benefits companies looking to reduce IT complexity and cost through deployment of private database clouds, and SaaS vendors looking for the power of Oracle in a secure multitenant model. Database 18c is helping to quickly plug into the cloud and is bringing some other enhancements in storage management, availability, security, big data support and database management that can help continue to get a high return on their Oracle database investments.


Why Upgrade?


Companies can recognize immediate ROI by upgrading to Oracle Database 18c. Contact us and learn the best practices of upgrading to the latest and greatest release of Oracle Database including how to:


Achieve another level of data scalability and horizontal partitioning with Sharding 


Attain higher levels of SLA with new features in Data Guard


Avoid pitfalls during and after the upgrade


Eliminate downtime with enhanced online features for table and index maintenance 


Perform near zero-downtime upgrades to Oracle Database 18c


Tackle Partitioning and Index advancements in 12.2 and 18c

Secure your entire database with online encryption capabilities


Learn how 18c plays a vital role in the autonomous data warehouse.

Take advantage of Oracle 18c, object names for users, roles, tables, columns, indexes, constraints, etc., increase from 30 bytes to 128 bytes to easily migrate from other databases


Utilize Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) features like Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) and Heat Maps work within individual PDBs for effective management of storage resources based on actual data usage patterns


Leverage all the latest features such as cloning and replication features for PDBs (Pluggable Databases) that enable the journey to a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment


With 18c, you can have hot-cloning (source no longer needs to be read-only), refresh clones, flashback PDB only, and build PDB-level standby plans


Tightly control SGA, PGA, and I/O resources for individual PDBs, including how to construct standard PDB resource profiles that can be leveraged by multiple PDBs with similar resource demands

Discover how you can rapidly and economically build a private cloud that unifies applications, infrastructure, and operations on Oracle x86 hardware and Oracle Database Appliance

Learn about the new features of Data Guard including techniques for backup and recovery

Contact us for more information on Oracle Database 18c

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