Managing your IT environment while working from home

Viscosity Niche Consulting Services

Viscosity has the solutions to help keep your IT running smoothly, no matter what comes next.


While the landscape of how and where we work has changed drastically for many, due to the coronavirus, companies must still continue to run with as little disturbance to their day to day operations as possible; with some even experiencing an increase in business, more than ever before. Viscosity is here to help.

Founded by industry and authored experts, Viscosity can help ensure that your infrastructure team won’t miss a step while working from home. Whether you are on-premise or in the cloud, needing part-time or full-time managed services, or if your team is now dealing with more work than before and you could use an extension of your company to finish an upgrade/migration; working with Viscosity can provide you the peace of mind you need during this trying time.

Viscosity Database Managed Services

Sourcing is the most efficient way to get the best IT services that meet business need, while also reducing infrastructure costs.

Near Zero Downtime Database Upgrades to Oracle 19c

Viscosity has a proven methodology to perform migrations and consolidations with near zero downtime.

Performance Tuning

We can keep your database thriving and manage key elements of your systems 24/7

Viscosity Niche Consulting Services

At the heart, Viscosity is a boutique consulting services company founded by former Oracle employees specializing in high availability and scalability solutions. Our prominent thought leaders have extensive expertise in Oracle, SQL Server and other relational databases.

Viscosity’s Center of Expertise has developed best practices and tight partner relationships to implement world-class solutions. Our vast experience and intellectual property give customers insight into what is driving IT complexity. We can deliver a set of practical executable plans for simplifying IT infrastructure, while helping reduce your operating costs.

Viscosity Database Managed Services


Organizations realize sourcing is the most efficient way to get the best IT services that meet business need, while also reducing infrastructure costs. Taking advantage of managed services allows IT to get the most out of technology while delivering maximum value.

  • Complete lights-out monitoring and management of your database environment
    • Viscosity can customize a cost-effective price solution tailored to your budget and financial needs
  • Onsite and/or Remote 24×7 Production Database and Linux Support
  • Onsite and/or Remote 24×7 Engineered Systems Hardware Support
    • Exadata
    • ODA
    • ZFS
    • ZDLRA
    • PCA
  • Linux Administration Support
  • Oracle & SQL Server Database Administration Support
  • Development DBA Services and Support
  • Annual Release Updates and PSUs
  • Capacity Management Reports
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Performance Management


Near Zero Downtime Database Upgrades to Oracle Database 19c

Viscosity is partnered with all the leading data replication software vendors. Viscosity has a proven methodology to perform migrations and consolidations. Leveraging data replication technologies, we can re-platform your environment onto new hardware or to the cloud while upgrading the database to the latest Oracle Database 19c release with near zero downtime.

Performance Tuning

Your database is your lifeline. We can keep your database thriving and manage key elements of your systems 24/7. Our dedicated team of Oracle RAC DBA’s can maintain your infrastructure and improve your quality of service.

WFH Webinar Series: Communication in Remote Scenarios

Viscosity offers countless webinars in the IT space, but we also care about how your team collaborates and communicates.  In our efforts to help you continue to succeed, we are excited to bring you continued education in personal development, particularly in workplace communication.  With many industries pushing their employees to work remotely, it is imperative to understand each other without the help of nonverbal cues and body language. 

Join Viscosity’s Director of Business Operations, Kelsie Brunson, who taught and built curriculum for workplace professional communication techniques for 3 years before coming to Viscosity.  Register for her upcoming webinars or rewatch past webinars below.

Conflict, how do we Manage Difficult Situations and People? - Next webinar: July 29, 2020 | 2:00 PM Central

One fact of life we cannot change is that we will always have difficult people and situations in our work environment; but working from home adds another layer to workplace conflict. How do we manage these situations, and are there ways to help alleviate conflict from occurring?

Real life examples could include getting off on the wrong foot with a new coworker – especially during new WFH protocols, unhealthy competition with coworkers, applying for the same in-org-position as a colleague, difficulties managing a new employee without the convenience of in-office culture to help guide expectations, and any other situation that needs healthy confrontation.

In this session we will discuss the Thomas-Kilman Conflict styles, as well as what your response should be in a conflict situation at work, whether with your management or colleagues. After this session, you’ll have several examples to keep in your pocket of what to say in difficult situations, and take control of the way people treat you, your thoughts, and your goals for growth in your work environment.

Register for this July 29, 2020 webinar here.


How to Present our Thoughts and Ideas in a Remote Workspace - Next webinar: August 19, 2020 | 12:00 PM Central

As most of us are spread out in a work from home initiative, communicating with our colleagues, customers, and management has become more difficult than a face to face conversation previously was. How do we ensure we can effectively present our message? What strategies should we use for a presentation, regardless of the audience size? In this session, we discuss proven presentation strategies to help bridge the gap while we all work from home. 

Join us for this 30 minute session that is part of an entire series meant to help you become a more effective communicator as you work from home!

How to Effectively Communicate to Upper Management - Originally presented June 11, 2020

Providing opinions, feedback, and ideas can be tricky when speaking with upper management. In this session, you will learn how to navigate the road of working with upper management to provide the information needed for them to make informed decisions, by effectively negotiating what you want.

This is a don’t miss session, offering insight and clarity to help you focus on what is important to communicate to upper management and make the most out of your role and the ideas/resources required to be successful.

You can rewatch this past webinar here.

Authors of Industry Best Standards

Our team is made up of industry best authors with a long history in Oracle Database and Engineered Systems, Performance Tuning, RAC and High Availability.

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