Oracle RAC Database Configuration and Performance Assessment

The Oracle RAC Database Configuration and Performance assessment from Viscosity North America will chart the course to help you achieve rapid return on investment in your Oracle technology and its underlying infrastructure.

Whether you have stability problems on a tier one mission critical database or need evaluation by an independent third party prior to go-live, Viscosity North America has you covered.

Viscosity North America RAC Offering

Viscosity North America systematically assess your cluster configuration and performance, then outline a plan to address performance problems and industry best practices including eliminating resource conflicts, balance existing workloads, tweak ASM or storage, and assist application tuning.

Overall Tasks

  • Evaluate Hardware configuration
  • Evaluate OS configuration and utilization of CPU, Memory and Storage, determine peak IOPs
  • Evaluation of your storage layout
  • Verification of your ASM disks, cross-reference with best practices, and provide a roadmap for maximum performance
  • Recommend and outline industry best practices

Database Tasks

  • Test Input/Output throughput against known benchmarks
  • Ascertain non default init parameters
  • Review shared memory setup
  • Review backup and recovery strategy and verify status of backups
  • Evaluation of the backup strategy against stated client requirements
  • Identify redundant or unused indexes
  • Review database level constraint indexing
  • Confirm undo, temp, and flashback configurations
  • Review, classify, and rank wait events and identify their causes
  • Review logs for Oracle errors
  • Evaluate database security against known threats

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About Viscosity
Viscosity specializes in Oracle RAC, Virtualization, Performance Tuning, and the Database Cloud. We wrote the books on Exadata, Virtualization, Oracle 11g, Linux for DBAs, ASM, Data Guard, and Hadoop.