Viscosity provides two key GoldenGate service offerings: GoldenGate Healthcheck and GoldenGate Implementation. GG Healthcheck is targeted at assessing the layout, performance, and stability of your Oracle GoldenGate configuration. This service is designed to ensure that GoldenGate is running optimally and to identify areas for improvement. With GG Implementation, Viscosity engineers successfully deploy GoldenGate migrations, upgrades or reporting using the proven best practices.

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GG Implementation

  • Design and implement active-active databases, multi-master replication, active-active data centers
    • Viscosity provides valuable input to WAN topology and design considerations
    • Achieve scalability with sub-second latency reporting databases
    • Viscosity helps deliver operational reporting with full or subset of data
  • Performance Management – Offload near real-time queries from Oracle OLTP to reporting databases
  • Perform zero downtime upgrades, migrations, and maintenance
    • Viscosity has proven track record in zero downtime upgrades and migrations
    • Leverage Viscosity built-in scripts to detect data discrepancies and structural changes
  • Migrations and Upgrades
    • Upgrade or migrate the database servers or operating systems with zero downtime
    • Perform database maintenance with GoldenGate environments with zero downtime
    • Perform application upgrades such as Siebel CRM.
    • Migrate Applications such as Siebel from one platform to another with zero downtime
    • Migrate from non-Oracle IBM (UDB/DB2, MS SQL, MySQL) to Oracle
    • Upgrade Oracle Databases from 8i, 9i, or 10g, 11gR1 to 11gR2/12c
  • Design and implement cascading Data Marts with minimal impact to source systems
    • Integrate and consolidate Data Warehouses
    • Minimize risk with reverse replication and deliver a fallback solution
  • Improve success with a phased approach user migration strategy

GG Healthcheck

  • Assess your current GG environment and make recommendations towards best practices
  • Review Extract, Data Pump, and Replicate Configuration
  • Review data replication rates, redo generation, lags and latency, bandwidth analysis, and runtime statistics
  • Review replicated database schema objects and Integrated Capture on source
  • Review Oracle GoldenGate runtime procedures and report files, log and error files
  • Generate a list recommendations based importance and priority

We provide the following Professional Services by industry experts and authors of best practices:

  • Oracle Certified GoldenGate Implementation Specialists
  • Zero-Downtime Database Migration
  • Zero-Downtime Database Re-platform
  • Oracle Certified RAC Expertise
  • 7X24 Lights-out Monitoring and Management
  • OEM Cloud Control Monitoring
  • OEM Cloud Control Management Integration