Oracle & SQL Database

IT is under constant pressure to align with their business and reach strategic goals.
Organizations realize sourcing is the most efficient way to get the best IT services that meet business need, while also reducing infrastructure costs. Taking advantage of managed services allows IT to get the most out of technology while delivering maximum value.

Viscosity’s team of Oracle experts can maintain your infrastructure and improve serviceability to your business units.

Viscosity North America Database Managed Services

  • Complete lights-out monitoring and management of your database environment
  • Onsite and/or Remote 24×7 Production Database and Linux Support
  • Onsite and/or Remote 24×7 Engineered Systems Hardware Support
  • Onsite and/or Remote 24×7 ZFS Storage Appliance Support
  • Linux Administration Support
  • Oracle & SQL Database Administration Support
  • Development DBA Services and Support
  • Annual PSUs
  • Capacity Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Advisor Consultation