Viscosity Big Data Integration


Viscosity provides expert Big Data consulting services for the entire integration life cycle. Our planning services will help you integrate new and existing data architectures as you modernize, thereby maximizing flexibility and agility while reducing cost and complexity. When it is time for implementation, our services will reduce cost, risk, and speed time to market, saving you the trouble of find specialized talent to augment your existing staff and resources. Whether batch or real-time, our expertise will insure that you choose the right platform for the right data and workload, at the right time.


Easily ingest both existing and new data sources, without the need to model your data first.



Utilize a more agile platform to work with your data to meet business requirements in real time and provide impactful insights to decision makers.



Realize 10x or more storage savings, by offloading ETL processes and archiving infrequently accessed data.



Remove data silos and realize a true Enterprise Data Warehouse.



Provision capacity horizontally, without the need to rip and replace infrastructure.



Grow data volumes to petabytes and beyond with predictable response times.



Leverage advanced, real-time, and predictive analytics to model current business state and perform what-if analyses.

Two-thirds of Big Data projects will fail to get beyond the pilot and experimentation phase and will ultimately end up abandoned. A successful, Big Data strategy is about more than just acquiring the right tools, but requires finding the right partner, with a track record of success.
Here at Viscosity North America, we have a full range of services from installation, security implementation, and use case development. In addition, we provide staff augmentation and cluster management services to make you successful on your big data journey.


  • Big Data Architectural Blueprint
  • Big Data Implementation Roadmap
  • Business Use Case Development
  • Data Warehouse Modernization Assessment


  • Kerberos Authentication
  • Active Directory
  • Auditing
  • Governance Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Encryption at rest and in motion
  • Big Data Pipeline Development
  • ETL/ELT Offload
  • Data Warehouse Offload
  • Business Use Case Implementation
  • Big Data Secure Installation and Configuration on Premise or in the Cloud


  • Managed Administration Service
  • Performance Tuning Service
  • Data Warehouse Patching/Upgrade
  • Big Data Patching/Upgrade
  • On-site or Remote Monitoring and Support