Viscosity AMP

APEX Management Platform

Ensuring that your Oracle APEX applications are always managed and monitored

Are you running more than a couple Oracle APEX applications?  If so, are you properly managing and monitoring them?  Do you get alerts proactively when errors occur?  Can you monitor a specific session and troubleshoot users in realtime?  Are your APEX logs preserved indefinitely

If you answered no more than once, AMP has got your back.  Viscosity AMP – or APEX Management Platform – is a complete suite of tools that provides a centralized and integrated platform that can both manage and monitor any number of APEX applications. Built in APEX itself, Viscosity AMP can seamlessly provide the management and monitoring layer that you need yet have just not found the time to build.

Put AMP to work for you.

Manage & Monitor

AMP provides an APEX-based console to better manage and monitor your APEX applications

Two-Factor Authentication

Add a critical layer of security to any APEX application with AMP’s two-factor authentication

Compliance & Security

Segregate development and security management to achieve better compliance


Viscosity AMP allows help integrate APEX with your identity management solution. If you need two-factor authentication, AMP has you covered there as well. Once the authentication component is established, roles can easily be created and mapped to users. AMP takes just minutes to integrate with your existing applications and does not require any changes to the underlying business rules that you’ve developed.

AMP also allows you to better manage individual APEX sessions – from viewing session state data, enabling debugging to pausing or even terminating a session, AMP puts you in complete control of your applications – without ever having to login to the actual workspace as a developer.


AMP provides a large number of reports – page and user activity, errors, logging, authentication attempts – to name a few. These reports can be specific to an application or across all applications. And since AMP is built with APEX, you can customize any of the reports any which way you like.

Want to be the first to know if an error occurs? Or just need a daily summary? AMP’s alerting features can provide you with instance updates for a specific error or any error, or alternatively, can just send a summary at the end of the day. In either case, you’ll have a clear picture as to where and when errors are occurring in your applications.

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