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Viscosity Presentations


Tuesday February 18, 2020

2/18 1:00 pm
Bulletproof Your Data Guard 12.2c/18c/19c On-Premise & To The Cloud

Westminster 1

Charles Kim, CEO & Oracle ACE Director 


Learn how you can set up Data Guard with all the best practices. Attendees will get a brief history of Data Guard and how it became Data Guard. Then we will dive directly into new features in Oracle Data Guard 12c Release 2/18c/19c. In addition to demonstrating how simple it is to set up Data Guard, this session will disseminate fundamental Data Guard best practices and reference architectures that DBAs need to know to protect their Oracle ecosystem.

2/18 1:00 Pm
Oracle ChatOps: How To Build A Restful Service To Interact With Oracle Databases

Meadowbrook 2

Sean Scott, Principal Consultant, Oracle ACE

ChatOps is an automation model connecting users and tools to processes through messaging apps. It leverages the simplicity and familiarity of chat to empower users to interact directly with apps and databases, retrieving information, and performing work in real-time. Done right, ChatOps is a safe, agile way to minimize or eliminate tedious, repetitive operational tasks and reduce workloads. Virtually anything can be automated or called via ChatOps through simple commands from self-service password resets, to initiating reporting cycles, to running ad hoc refreshes of development environments all without granting end-users access to a database or application. This session will cover connecting Oracle databases in the cloud or on-premises to chat services via REST considerations for building database APIs to handle ChatOps interactions methods for securing communications between the database and application practical examples of ChatOps integrations.

2/18 2:15 Pm
DBA 3.0: The Next Evolution

Westminster 1

Charles Kim, CEO & Oracle ACE Director

The database administration role as we knew it’s dead. DBAs who have been around for decades have become irrelevant in this data-driven economy. Developers want autonomous management, and executive leaders want to cut costs any way they can. Join Oracle community experts as we discuss the next evolutionary role of the DBA role and what we must do to adapt and survive in this ever-changing dynamic technology-driven world. Learn what future skills you need to possess and how you can stay on top of the demand.

2/18 3:45 Pm
An Autonomous Singularity Approaches: Force Multipliers for Overwhelmed DBAs


Jim Czuprynski, Senior Enterprise Database Architect & Oracle ACE Director

Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session will cover what features Autonomous Database brings to bear for the busy Oracle DBA; what’s going on underneath the covers of Autonomous Database; and what Autonomous Database can realistically provide for your Oracle shop and what it can’t. Plus, discover why Autonomous Database is here to stay, and how to leverage it to keep your Oracle DBA career alive.

Wednesday February 19, 2020

2/19 8:30 Am
Using AI & ML

612, Level 6

Westminster 1

Rich Niemiec, Chief Innovation Officer & Oracle ACE Director


This presentation will cover Oracle’s ability to leverage AI and ML (ML) from within Oracle Advanced Analytics. We’ll look at the latest technology and algorithms that Oracle provides as part of the product.

2/19 11:15 Am
The Best Things in Life Are Free: Free Oracle Cloud Offerings

Cotton Creek 1

Scott Spendolini, VP APEX+ Practice & Oracle ACE Director


At OpenWorld 2020, Oracle announced a new cloud-free tier. This free tier offers quite a generous amount of resources- 2 autonomous databases with 20 GB each, 2 VMs, and a load balancer. This session will walk through how to request the Oracle Cloud-free tier. It will then walk through configuring 2 databases: one ATP, one ADW, and how to connect to them via SQL Developer and APEX. It will conclude by configuring the network parameters.

2/19 1:30 Pm
What’s Your Super-Power? Mine is ML with Oracle Autonomous DB

Cotton Creek 1

Jim Czuprynski, Senior Enterprise Database Architect & Oracle ACE Director


Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session will cover how to understand the basics of what AI and ML promise and the built-in ML features of Autonomous Database to analyze data patterns in several dimensions. Learn how to build simple visual models that uncover patterns hidden within the data agenda.

Thursday February 20, 2020

2/20 8:30 Am
An Initiation To Containers For Database Professionals Or “How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Docker”

Westminster 1

Sean Scott, Principal Consultant & Oracle ACE


The developer community has embraced containers, but acceptance and adoption by DBAs are more tepid. That’s understandable–why would anyone want a database that’s stateless and immutable?! I started using Docker under duress and had no idea what I was doing. Since then, I’ve learned that Docker elegantly addresses many situations faced by DBAs. This session is a crash course in Docker covering the terminology, concepts, skills, and practical examples needed to begin using containers to support databases.

2/20 1:30 Pm
APEX Security Checklist

Westminster 2

Scott Spendolini, VP APEX+ Practice, Oracle ACE Director


Security is more critical than ever before—particularly for the application developer. APEX is no exception to this rule, as there are plenty of things that can be either misconfigured or set incorrectly, resulting in a less secure application. This session will go through the OWASP top 10 security threats checklist and translate that to what you, as an APEX developer, need to complete before promoting any APEX application to production.

The session will incorporate several demonstrations illustrating what could happen if an application is not properly secured.

2/20 2:45 pm
The Future of AI & ML in Oracle Products

Meadowbrook 2

Rich Niemiec, Chief Innovation Officer & Oracle ACE Director

This session will cover Oracle’s ability to leverage AI and ML from within Oracle Advanced Analytics or using their new acquisition GUI. Every Oracle product will start to leverage AI/ML!

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