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Autonomous Transaction Processing and Automatic Indexing in Oracle 19c

How Automatic Indexing Improved Simulated TPC-E Workload Performance Within an Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated (ATP-D) Environment

This video clip highlights an ATP mini demo by Viscosity’s Senior Enterprise Data Architect and Oracle ACE Director, Jim Czuprynski.  Jim authored the ATP white paper, available for download below.

View the full interview with Jim and Oracle’s Director of Database Cloud Development, Kirk Gustafson, to learn more about ATP:

IT organizations that are searching for a way to move complex, intense OLTP workloads and hybrid database workloads out of their data center and into a robust, secure, and simple Cloud environment need look no further than Oracle Autonomous Database through its latest Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated (ATP-D) offering.

ATP-D is easy to configure, quick to leverage, and simple to monitor for immediate performance improvements for any OLTP or hybrid workload. Because it utilizes dedicated bare-metal Exadata hardware, ATP-D also guarantees extreme performance without 'noisy neighbors' that can sap resources in a virtualized environment when least expected.

Note: This paper does not cover Fleet Management, one of the more advanced aspects of ATP-D for direct configuration, orchestration and management of the complete Exadata stack that comprises an ATP-D environment. However, we will be evaluating that fully in a follow-on white paper.

In this paper, Viscosity North America demonstrates how an intense simulated workload based on the TPC-E standard performed on ATP-D hosting an Oracle 19.3 database. We also describe how the Automatic Indexing feature set automatically detected the need for additional secondary indexes to improve database performance and then created just the most appropriate ones to improve workload performance by over two orders of magnitude without the intervention of an experienced Oracle DBA.



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    Meet the writer:

    Jim Czuprynski

    Jim Czuprynski

    Senior Enterprise Database Architect

    Oracle ACE Director

    Jim Czuprynski has nearly 4 decades of IT experience IT, serving diverse roles at several Fortune 1000 companies before becoming an Oracle DBA in 2001. He was awarded the status of Oracle ACE Director in March 2014. Jim is a sought-after public speaker on Oracle database tech features, presenting at Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG COLLABORATE, ODTUG Kaleidoscope, HotSOS symposium, Oracle development community tours, and user group conferences around the world. He has authored over 100 articles focused at and IOUG Select and co-authored 4 books on Oracle database technology. Jim’s blog, Generally…It Depends (, contains regular observations on all things Oracle and the state of the IT industry. He is currently the senior enterprise data architect for Viscosity North America.