Day 9: Engineered Systems New Features

December 18, 2020

Today’s article goes over Exadata 19c new features + Exadata patching and ODA 19c new features + ODA patching!

Exadata 19c

With the 19c versions of the Exadata software, the main features introduced revolve around the new X8-M model and the updated hardware associated with this release. Let's take a look at some of the major differences with this hardware release:

• Switch from RDS over Infiniband to RoCE for the private network. Up until the X8M hardware, the interconnect fast network traffic was handled by Infiniband switches using RDS

Exadata Patching

Exadata patching has been simplified immensely, with the patchmgr utility to help automate a large portion of the process. Exadata systems later than X2/V2 are supported on the 19.3.x software, and can be upgraded as long as the July 2019 RU has been applied to the Grid Infrastructure software for versions 12.1, 12.2, 18.7, and 19.4. For the database software, the minimum version is the July 2019 RU for 18.7 and 19.4, October 2018 for 12.2, August 2018 for 12.1, and July 2018 for 11.2. When patching an Exadata system, several things can be done to ensure a successful upgrade: 

ODA 19c

• Migration from OAKCLI to ODACLI (19.5 and 19.6). The CLI interface for ODA has been in transition from the OAKCLI to the ODACLI for quite some time. With the 19c release, the OAKCLI interface is deprecated and all commands have been replaced with an ODACLI or ORAADMCLI command.  
• Moving from OVM to KVM for virtualized deployments (19.9). Similar to the Exadata systems, Database Appliances are…

ODA Patching

Patching for the ODA has been an interesting road for the 19c software. The first available version was 19.5, but it was only available for new installations, with patching to later releases not available. Beginning with the 19.6 release, upgrading from the 18.8 release is now supported. Virtualized environments also did not…


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