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Data explosion, cloud expansion, security threats or something new… Quest Software has a solution

Since 1987, Quest has provided software solutions for the fast paced world of enterprise IT. With Viscosity partnering up with Quest, your organization can spend less time on IT administration and more time on business innovation.  Viscosity has been a proud partner of Quest Software since 2015, but Viscosity has been using and recommending Quest products since the early 90s.

Viscosity is an active Quest SharePlex and Quest Foglight partner.


With a vast amount of Oracle customers, Viscosity looks to Quest SharePlex to achieve Oracle database high availability – on premises and in the cloud for our clients.

Shareplex offers our clients low cost, award-winning support, data accuracy, simplicity and analytics support.

I’ve been using SharePlex since the early 90s, and it’s been hard to recommend anything else since.
Charles Kim, Viscosity CEO and Co-Founder


Performance monitoring solutions of the highest class are not easy to come by, and Foglight can help any database your organization is running.  Foglight is Viscosity’s go to to help customers proactively manage and monitor multiple database environments, diagnose and tune real-time and historical performance, predict and troubleshoot issues and increase the health of your database environment.

Some of the most popular products in the Foglight line include: