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Viscosity North America is pleased to announce a new partnership with the world’s leading graph database provider—Neo4j, Inc., manufacturer of the Neo4j Database and Neo4j Graph Platform.
This alliance will strengthen Viscosity’s service offerings to include Neo4j-based product engineering, integration and analytics professional services along with numerous reseller channel opportunities.

Our alignment with Neo4j is rooted in our ongoing need to integrate massively distributed systems and to exploit the property graph paradigm to help our clients realize breakthrough insights into their data by unlocking the business value of connections, influences and relationships in data. Using this technology and related graph modeling philosophies we will pursue opportunities in areas as diverse as master data management, impact analysis in operations and networking, machine learning, recommendations and access management, among many others.

Neo4j will also help us enable our clients to nimbly adapt to changing business needs and to scale their applications with their businesses. With Neo4j, introduction of data structure changes to existing database systems is efficient and painless and scalability at the world level is commonplace. Our customers will directly benefit from this dexterity and together with the functional business values provided by the graph paradigm, we are confident in our ability to help drive them to successes that were previously beyond their reach.

In preparation for our move into this segment, Viscosity is pursuing hiring and training initiatives that reflect our commitment to this exciting adventure. Having recently achieved Neo4j professional certifications among key engineering and management staff, we are pursuing a number of strategic training and outreach programs to solidify our base and increase Viscosity awareness in and among the graph community.

The time is right for graphs and Viscosity with Neo4j is an amazing fit. With Viscosity’s penchant for data management excellence, customer satisfaction and Neo4j’s successful pursuit and creation of the world’s most compelling graph database system, we are indeed bullish on our collaborative future.