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Viscosity North America is pleased to partner with MongoDB as resellers, implementers and offering an operational assessment of their MongoDB database system. One of our knowledgeable experts will team up with your development, data management and operations staff to provide an actionable snapshot of your pre-production or production MongoDB deployment. For pre-production, we focus primarily on document and database structures, kernel and database parameters, indexing, redundancy and security. For existing production systems, we also focus on snapshots of day-to-day performance metrics and operational profiles. The duration of the assessment is twelve hours including eight hours on site or remotely connected, working directly with your team followed by four hours of data harvesting and reporting.

Our MongoDB-certified DBAs will partner with your professionals to gain critical understanding of your MongoDB system and any perceived challenges. Through surveys and measurements, we will build an operational assessment report that characterizes strengths and weaknesses and suggests remediation where needed. We will provide your staff with scripts for baselining the system as it currently exists for use in future comparisons to help better understand capacities, limitations, and growth patterns and to get in front of any issues that might otherwise lead to failures or outages.

Our assessments typically lead to a number of actionable recommendations. Viscosity will ensure your staff understands the assessment and is capable of effecting any indicated remediation. Whether you choose to pursue these recommendations with your own staff or engage Viscosity North America, we are a phone call away and are here to help in any way that makes sense for your business.