Manufacturing Company Modernizes E-Business stack

on Oracle Database Appliance Platform

Project Overview

Headquarters: South Carolina

Industry: Industrial Products


  • Oracle ODA
  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle E-Business
  • Oracle Active Data Guard

Modernized Application Footprint



A leading Manufacturing Company is a polymer extrusion company that focuses on the medical industry, aerospace, automotive, fiber optics, energy, and fluid management industries. While the company’s capabilities have grown, so has their IT footprint, which is why the customer contacted Oracle Platinum Partner, Viscosity North America (Viscosity) at Open World 2017. The three key areas of concern for Zeus were license compliance, consolidation, and a robust High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution; as they looked forward to the next five years of growth. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, with expertise in VMware, and leaders in High Availability solutions and Engineered Systems, the customer asked that Viscosity provide guidance as a trusted advisor from discovery to implementation.

Solution and Proposal

The customers current solutions for HA and DR required third-party technology platforms and integrations. Viscosity proposed the ODA solution, because it enabled faster mean time to deploy as well as a fully integrated system. With two ODA X7-2-HA, one for production and one for DR, the customer will easily meet their SLAs (RPO and RTO). The DR ODA fulfills a secondary requirement, which provides the customer with the capability of testing patches, code, and offloading reporting; which minimizes impact to production.

Implemented Robust, High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Viscosity also introduced and sold an ODA X7-2S, which will be used primarily for Oracle Enterprise Manager, job scheduling, and orchestration of disaster recovery.

Throughout discovery, several key objections from the customer arose, at the forefront being that the ODA solution would be a departure from their standard platform, which was a virtualized based configuration. Many of the customer’s existing policies and procedures were based on a solution that could not easily be adapted to ODA; for example, backup, snapshots and failover.

To alleviate concerns, Viscosity performed a two-day workshop at no expense to the customer, to help mollify and ease these objections by providing clarity to their questions, demonstrations on the use of ODA, and conversations on how an engineered system would require less integration and reliance on third party solutions. Viscosity will also continue to be their trusted advisor after the sale, as they provide zero-downtime, migration services and a comprehensive assessment for best practices moving forward.

Why Choose Us

Viscosity North America was founded by industry and authored experts with backgrounds in Oracle, Hadoop, VMware, and Informatica. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Viscosity is known as the “Trusted Advisors”, specializing in the delivery of full stack solutions and resolving complex data challenges. Their vast experience in verticals such as Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Finance, and Retail, provides their customers with insight into what is driving IT complexity. Viscosity offers solution services in the areas of Cloud implementation and Integration, Big Data, Analytics, Mobility, Engineered systems, Middleware, and Enterprise apps, as well as solutions in full stack health checks, license assessments, and custom application development. Contact us to learn more about how you can maintain and maximize your investments.

Our Expertise

Viscosity was formed by former Oracle employees each of which worked in various capacities within Oracle Corporation. These capacities include Oracle Database, RAC Development, Oracle Consulting and Oracle Technical Architects, Design and Performance Tuning experts. Viscosity’s Oracle Center of Expertise has developed best practices and tight partner relationships to implement world-class solutions. Our vast experience and intellectual property give customers insight into what is driving IT complexity. We can deliver a set of practical executable plans for simplifying IT infrastructure, helping reduce operating costs while freeing up resources for new business initiatives.