New book Oracle Database Performance Tuning: Pocket Solutions Guide for Oracle Database 19c, Reveals Insights into the Latest Oracle Release 

April 6, 2022, Plano, TexasViscosity North America, Inc. (“Viscosity”) is excited to announce the pre-launch of a new book by Gary Gordhamer, Managing Principal Consultant at Viscosity, Oracle ACE, and multi-awarded technical expert and leader. He wrote “Oracle Database Performance Tuning: Pocket Solutions Guide for Oracle Database 19c” in collaboration with Ronald Mehrer, a Senior Oracle DBA and Managing Consultant at Viscosity,  

In this book, Gary Gordhamer and contributing author, Ronald Mehrer, showcase the art of performance tuning, revealing techniques, tools, and practical examples of code and steps needed to gain master-tuning skills. They provide background on each topic, references for more details, and places to find out more information to learn, practice, and dig deeper on your own. At the same time, Gary and Ronald give enough examples and high-level details to be a quick reference for syntax or settings that you may not have memorized in topics you already have experienced. From their over 25 years of extensive experience in Application and Database performance tuning, including AWR reports, SQL tuning, Oracle Database tuning, Java troubleshooting, etc., offering personal tips and tricks is an asset they share.

The authors are sure of one thing: there are no exact step-by-step instructions on how to tune everything. Instead, tuning is about having access to many skills and knowing when to use those skills or tools.  

 “Tuning can be a difficult, elusive, and sometimes never-ending process.  To start, you need to have your goals in mind.  From these goals, identify which methodologies and tools will be the most successful at reaching your goal.” 

 Over 400 specific optimizer techniques between Oracle version 11g and 19c have been added, and many existing techniques have been updated. The number of options and tools to adjust Oracle database performance grows continuously, along with automated tools to help.   

 “Databases are inherently multi-user. In fact, that is one of the hallmark features of an enterprise-class database.  This is also one of the hardest areas of performance tuning for databases.  As they say, small cracks in the armor tend to become large cracks under stress.  There is no better way to apply stress to a system than to have 100s or 1,000s of concurrent requests going on.” 

 SQL plan management or SPM is a preventative mechanism to help stabilize SQL performance.  SPM is part of the base product as of 11.1 but added many new features in Oracle 12c.  Utilizing SPM allows for management of execution plans ensuring that the database uses only known or verified plans.  It is used to prevent performance issues caused by SQL plan changes.” 

 The book ‘’Oracle Database Performance Tuning: Pocket Solutions Guide for Oracle Database 19c” will be released in May 2022.  

 Gary Gordhamer is an Oracle ACE, awarded multiple times by Oracle, IOUG, and GE for technical expertise, leadership, and project delivery. An active member of the QUEST IOUG Database and Technology Community and a frequent presenter at Oracle OpenWorld and COLLABORATE. 

 Ronald Mehrer is a Managing Consultant at Viscosity North America, Sr Oracle DBA, with vast experience in Exadata, Oracle Cloud, Integration, Migration, Consolidation, and Architect. 

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