If you are near Chicago late this March, then be sure not to miss COUG Spring Training Day 2019  in Schaumburg, IL on March 28, 2019. This will be a full-day event featuring in-depth technical training from one of the sharpest presenters I’ve ever met: Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager from Oracle Corporation.

Maria will present four (!) different topics on the latest aspects of Oracle Database technology, including the soon-to-be-released Oracle 19c. I’m sure that Maria will spend some time delving deeply into the implications of Automatic Index Creation (AIC) that new release offers – something that we DBAs have been waiting to explore for a long time. Maria also has a keen eye for what the future of both the DevOps and DBA roles portend in light of the growing trends in our industry toward automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, so don’t miss this chance to sit at the feet of the master and absorb her valuable insights.

In addition, Bill Smith, Chief Architect at Vendita – who have graciously offered to sponsor this free event – will highlight the features of Vendita’s Master Automation Sequencer (MAS).

By the way, breakfast and lunch are included, so be sure to register for this free event, mark your calendars, and come prepared to have your Oracle knowledge expanded dramatically! I look forward to seeing you there, chatting about all things Autonomous Database (including ADW, ATP and AIC), and absorbing Maria Colgan’s exquisite training.