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August 11, 2021 – UTOUG co-hosted Webinar


Combating the Pandemic with Oracle APEX

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Mountain

David Peake

David Peake

Director of Software Development for Oracle Healthcare (HCGBU) |

Pandemic Response Systems Development

Presented by David Peake, Director of Software Development for Oracle Healthcare (HCGBU) | Pandemic Response Systems Development

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oracle offered its assistance to various agencies of the US government. Donating both cloud services and consulting resources, Oracle was able to build a suite of pandemic-related applications to combat the ever-changing challenges that the pandemic brought forth. Over a year later, Oracle continues to support and enhance these systems, as well as develop new ones.This session will discuss the numerous pandemic-related projects that Oracle was involved with – from early on in the beginnings of the pandemic to ongoing work that we’re still involved with today. It will cover the range of technologies used – including, but not limited to APEX – lessons learned, and paint a picture of what it was like when a group of people came together under the most dire of circumstances to do what was needed to get through the pandemic.

Meet the speaker:
David has over 30 years in IT, primarily developing custom applications and Product Management. He recently started his third major career within Oracle as Director, Software Development, running the Strategic Engineering division within Healthcare GBU. In this role, David is responsible for the rapid design and deployment of innovative solutions built using Oracle APEX. Prior to this, he was Oracle Application Express (APEX) Product Manager for over ten years. David started out within Oracle Consulting delivering projects large and small across multiple countries.
This webinar is co-hosted by the Utah Oracle Users Group and Viscosity North America. For more information on UTOUG, visit

Aug 19, 2021 – Oracle ACE Webinar Series


Insurance Policy for Database Migrations and Upgrades with SharePlex

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EASTERN

Charles Kim

Charles Kim

President and CEO, Viscosity North America

Oracle ACE Director

What keeps you up at night?  No matter the size of the database, you can migrate or upgrade the databases with near zero downtime leveraging software from Quest Shareplex.  Learn about the challenges and pitfalls of data replication as it pertains to zero downtime database upgrades and migration strategies. We performed hundreds of near zero downtime databases upgrades or migrations to different platforms.  We performed zero downtime database upgrades for databases that support 5B in revenue each year.  We helped customers achieve an extra 9 in their availability with multi-master database replication between data centers.

Migrating databases to the Cloud is a big initiative for lot of companies. With SharePlex, you can migrate your database migrations to OCI, AWS or Azure Cloud with near zero downtime.  

If you are a DBA or an architect in your organization, you cannot afford to miss this session on key strategies for migrating Oracle databases and upgrading databases to Oracle Database 19c with near zero downtime.   In this session, we will expose the essential methods you can take advantage of to migrate or upgrade multi-terabyte databases.  

Come listen to our session on our battle wounds and lessons learned from our customers.  Discover use cases on why you should leverage SharePlex for data replication.

August 23-27, 2021 – Virtual Conference


Quest community database & technology week

Registration opens july 26, 2021

Gary Gordhamer

Gary Gordhamer

Managing Principal Consultant, Oracle ACE Associate

Viscosity North America


Deep dive into SQL Tuning

Mon aug 23, 2021, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

Have you had that one SQL statement that you just couldn’t figure out what the Oracle optimizer was thinking? In this session we will take a deep dive into doing a trace and talk about some of the sledgehammer methods to influence the optimizer. You may not find the solution to that one nagging SQL but we will cover how the optimizer frustrated you so. Using these tools along with Oracle’s SQL Plan Management or Profiles you may be able to achieve your goals. Many developers do not understand how to dig into SQL beyond the basic explain plan. Here we will cover the somewhat gory details of going deep inside how the optimizer is making decisions.

1. What tools are available for deep diving into a SQL statement?
2. When would you use each of these tools, and how do you understand the output?
3. What are some of the ways to force the optimizer to behave the way I want it to?

Rich Niemiec

Rich Niemiec

Chief Innovation Officer, Oracle ACE Director

Viscosity North America


Machine Learning for Business Leadership

Tue aug 24, 2021, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

This presentation will focus on what specific algorithms inside Oracle can be applied to business problems. Robots may be the first to truly learn machine learning (ML) and expand into artificial intelligence (AI). Python is one of the keys to machine learning as we program the invention of the mind to further replace humans’ most basic tasks. This session will focus on ML 101 and building the future ahead. Some business issues are seasonal, some relate to customers with certain attributes, and some relate to customers we don’t know exist, but all can be solved by using the correct algorithm to quickly prescribe a better corporate future.


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