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October 2, 2019

Viscosity Speakers at DOUG Training Day include Oracle ACE Directors, Nitin Vengurlekar and Scott Spendolini, and Oracle ACE Alfredo Krieg. See their sessions:

10:15 AM Oracle Enterprise Manager in Action - Chenin Blanc I

By Alfredo Krieg, Viscosity Senior Cloud Performance Architect, Oracle ACE

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c provides the single pane of glass that allows Architects and DBA’s monitor and manage the Oracle ecosystem.. In this session, learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager simplifies management of the databases and including the Oracle’s Engineered Systems. This presentation covers the monitoring aspects of the Oracle’s engineered systems, techniques in order to find performance problems affecting the databases, and will cover the latest new features in OEM.

Oracle Enterprise Manager, provides comprehensive and centralized monitoring capabilities for the Oracle Engineered Systems, including the Oracle Database Appliance and Exadata Database Machine.

Performance monitoring
Identify wait events
Create custom metrics to send alerts
Learn the latest features in OEM 13c

12:45 PM APEX Security Checklist - Concord III

By Scott Spendolini, Viscosity VP APEX+ Practice, Oracle ACE Director

Security is more important than ever before—particularly for the application developer. APEX is no exception to this rule, as there are plenty of things that can be either misconfigured or set incorrectly, resulting in a less secure application.

This session will go through a checklist of what you, as an APEX developer, need to complete before promoting any APEX application to production.

2:45 PM Virtualization Essentials & Best Practices for DBAS: How to Talk to Your VMware Guy - Concord I

By Nitin Vengurlekar, Viscosity CTO and Co-Founder, Oracle ACE Director

Architecting Oracle workloads is the key to ensuring performance, High Availability, scalability, reliability, etc. The session will review virtualized architectures and discuss best practices for running Oracle databases on VMware virtualized platforms and communicating these requirements to your VMware admin. We’ll also review success stories and deployment configurations.

4:00 PM Listen to your Database. How to Understand an Oracle AWR Report - Chenin Blanc I

By Alfredo Krieg, Viscosity Senior Cloud Performance Architect, Oracle ACE

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing the ability to apply a force multiplier for OLTP database application workloads. However, it’s important to understand both the benefits and limitations of Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing before migrating any workloads to that environment. This session offers a quick but deep dive into how best to take advantage of Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, including how to load data quickly into the underlying database. Plus get some ideas on how Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing will impact the role of Oracle DBAs in the immediate future. (Hint: Think automatic transmission instead of stick-shift.)

Session Code: CON1250
Topic: Maximize Your Data and Analytics
Job Role: DBA
Products and Solutions A–Z: Autonomous Database, Cloud Infrastructure, Engineered Systems, Autonomous Transaction Processing
Session Type: Conference Session
Solutions for Small to Medium Business (SMB): SMB Solutions

October 29-30, 2019

East Coast oracle users conference, raleigh NC


Register and join us for a Pre-Conference Workshop:

Hands-On Database Development Workshop

Scott Spendolini, Viscosity North America
Jeff Smith, Oracle

Monday, October 28
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Registration for both Pre-conference and regular conference sessions ends Oct. 18.  Register now.

10/29 8:30 AM Bullet Proof Your Data Guard 12.2c/18c/19c On-Premise and to the Cloud

By Charles Kim, Viscosity CEO and Co-Founder, Oracle ACE Director

Session 1 in Grand Ballroom 1

10/29 11:15 AM Oracle 19c Best New Features and a few 18c & 12cR2 tips

By Rich Niemiec, Viscosity Chief Innovation Officer, Oracle ACE Director

Session 2 in Salon C

10/29 11:15 AM Leveraging gDBClone with NonProduction EBS Databases

By Nitin Vengurlekar, Viscosity CTO, Oracle ACE Director

Session 2 in Salon AB

10/29 1:15 PM SMART Performance Monitoring. Exadata & OEM 13c

By Alfredo Krieg, Viscosity Senior Cloud Performance Architect, Oracle ACE

Session 3 in Salon E 

10/29 2:15 PM APEX Security Checklist

By Scott Spendolini, Viscosity VP of APEX+ Practice, Oracle ACE Director

Session 4 in Grand Ballroom 5 

10/29 4:00 PM Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP): In Heavy Traffic, Why Drive Stick?

By Jim Czuprynski, Viscosity Sr. Enterprise Database Architect, Oracle ACE Director

 Session 5 in Grand Ballroom 1

10/30 2:45 PM Virtualization Essentials and Best Practices for DBAs - How to Talk to Your VMware Guy

By Nitin Vengurlekar, Viscosity CTO and Co-Founder, Oracle ACE Director

Session 9 in Salon C 

October 29, 2019


Viscosity and Quest Software ECO19 Happy Hour

Raleigh, NC   |  5:30 – 7:30 PM |  Conference Lobby Bar


May 21, 2019

Rich Niemiec

Rich Niemiec

Chief Innovation Officer

Rich Niemiec presents: The future of AI & Machine Learning (ML) in Oracle Products

Time TBD | Room TBD

Join Viscosity’s Chief Innovation Officer and Oracle ACE Director, Rich Niemiec, at the Michigan Oracle Users Summit, for his presentation: The future of AI & Machine Learning (ML) in Oracle Products

This presentation will cover Oracle’s ability to leverage AI and Machine Learning (ML) from within Oracle Advanced Analytics or using their recent acquisition GUI. Every Oracle product will start to leverage AI/ML! Knowing when/where to leverage these advancements may be the difference between success & failure in the future. We’ll look at the latest technology and algorithms that Oracle provides as part of the product, but also the Cx products that are used to leverage AI/ML & Chatbots. We will explore how to leverage and integrate AI into your companies tech plan. We’ll see the state of AI & ML and how you can test and use this technology to create the future. We’ll also look at the current Acceleration of the Cloud with the Big Data Revolution & Internet of Things (IOT) which will drive the Cloud even Faster. You’ll see how to innovate better using leading edge Oracle products.

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