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November 2-4, 2020

East Coast oracle users virtual conference


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11/4 10:00 AM DBA 3.0: The Next Evolution

The database administration role as we knew it is dead. DBAs who have been around for decades have become irrelevant in this data-driven economy. Developers want autonomous management, and executive leaders want to cut costs any way they can. Join Oracle community experts as we discuss the next evolutionary role of the database administration role and what we must do to adapt and survive in this ever-changing dynamic technology-driven world. Learn what future skills you need to possess and how you can stay on top of the demand. Discussions will include how technical enhancements to autonomous databases, cloud innovations, and what you must learn to survive, how AI and machine learning can affect the database scene and understanding which technologies you need to learn to adapt.

By Charles Kim, Viscosity Founder and CEO, Oracle ACE Director

11/4 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET : Viscosity Coffee Break - Attendees get 1 Pluggable Database Book.

Drop in to say hello! Just look for our coffee break listed on the ECO Agenda on Wednesday, 11/4 and click through to enter the virtual room!  We will contact you after the conference for a mailing address for a physical book (no e-book available):


PDB Me to Oracle Cloud Pocket Solutions Guide: A Lazy DBA's Guide to Mastering Multitenant Features on Oracle Cloud
11/4 1:15 PM The DBA's Next Great Job

What’s the next role for the DevOps or DBA as the autonomous database and Oracle enhancements free up time? This session will cover the role (managing more databases with autonomous database) and integration of AI and ML. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. This session will show what this means to your company and your future job. See significant advances being driven and those in the autonomous future that Oracle will drive ahead.

By Rich Niemiec, Viscosity Chief Innovation Officer, Oracle ACE Director

11/4 3:45 PM The Future of AI & ML in Oracle Products

This presentation will cover Oracle’s ability to leverage AI and Machine Learning (ML) from within Oracle Advanced Analytics or using their recent acquisition GUI. Every Oracle product will leverage AI/ML. Knowing when and where to leverage these advancements may be the difference between success and failure. We’ll look at the latest technology and algorithms that Oracle provides as part of the product and the Cx products used to leverage AI/ML and chatbots. We will explore how to leverage and integrate AI into your company’s tech plan. We’ll see the state of AI and ML and how you can test and use it to create the future. We’ll also look at the current Acceleration of the Cloud with the Big Data Revolution and Internet of Things (IoT), which will drive the cloud even Faster. You’ll see how to innovate better using leading-edge Oracle products.

By Rich Niemiec, Viscosity Chief Innovation Officer, Oracle ACE Director

November 10, 2020 – Webinar

Running Oracle Database Upgrades on Docker: Where will you practice your next upgrade?

Sean Scott

Sean Scott

Principal Consultant

Oracle ACE 

Organizations planning for an Oracle upgrade should consider Docker in their upgrade strategy. Docker is an ideal environment for evaluating and testing Oracle database features and upgrades are no exception. Creating an Oracle database in Docker is fast and easily repeated. Containers require little time or effort to create and are light enough to run on a laptop. This makes Docker the ideal platform for evaluating, practicing and perfecting database upgrade procedures.

In this session I’ll demonstrate:
– Approaches for installing, patching and customizing Oracle database software on Docker
– Modifications needed in Oracle’s default Docker image builds to support upgrades
– Techniques for creating “upgrade containers” with source and target Oracle database homes preinstalled
– How to merge multiple database images into a single container
– Methods for creating reference data for running “instant” databases

Meet the speaker:
Sean Scott has worked with Oracle technologies as a database reliability engineer, database administrator, architect and developer since 1995. Sean specializes in RAC, database migrations and upgrades, database reliability and resilience, replication and performance tuning. He contributes to the Oracle community as a regular presenter at conferences, spent many years as vice president of the San Diego Oracle Users Group and currently serves on the board of the Real Applications Special Interest Group and the Collaborate/IOUG Database and Technology Committee.

He enjoys helping database administrators understand and embrace emerging technologies like Docker and containers, virtualization, automation, Cloud computing and distributed systems. Sean blogs at All Viscosity team blogs can be found at

Co-Hosted by the New York Oracle Users group ( and Viscosity North America.

November 12, 2020: ODA Workshop


Cloning databases on ODAs with gDBClone, presented by Charles Kim

November 13, 2020 – Oracle Database 19c SIG Meeting

Please join the monthly Oracle Database 19c Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting!

Bullet Proof Your Data Guard 12.2c/18c/19c

Presented by Charles Kim, Viscosity North America

Charles Kim

Charles Kim

CEO and Co-Founder, Oracle ACE Director

Viscosity North America

11/13 10:00 – 11:00 AM CT – Bullet Proof Your Data Guard 12.2C/18c/19c

Learn how you can setup Data Guard with all the best practices. Attendees will get a brief history of Data Guard and how it became Data Guard. Then we will dive directly into new features in Oracle Data Guard 12c Release 2/18c/19c new features. In addition to demonstrating how simple it is to set up Data Guard, this session will disseminate fundamental Data Guard best practices and reference architectures that DBAs need to know to protect their Oracle ecosystem. The author of the Oracle Data Guard Handbook will demonstrate how DBAs should setup, configure, and monitor mission-critical Data Guard environments (including Active Data Guard).

Come see Data Guard best practices in action. The session concentrates on:

Building the Physical Standby
Monitoring and Maintaining the Physical Standby
Configuring Data Guard Broker
Performing Backup and Recovery with RMAN
Setting Archive Retention
Switchover with Refreshable PDBs
Subset Standbys with PDBs
Attendees will get access to all the scripts to automate the Data Guard configuration.

November 17, 2020


Viscosity Master Class – Oracle Database Expert Panel

November 19, 2020


NoCOUG – Fall Conference: Database Track by Viscosity

Thu Nov 19, 2020 | 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM PT | Virtual Conference


Register for FREE as “Guest: Viscosity North America” and use code: GETREADYFOR19C


Keynote By Charles Kim and Rich Niemiec
08:00–08:45 PDT:  Oracle 19c New Features: Time to Upgrade to The Long-Term Support Version of the Oracle 12c Family

Oracle 19c Upgrade Workshop By Charles Kim, Sean Scott, and Gary Gordhamer
09:00–09:45 PDT: Upgrade to Oracle 19c (presentation)
10:00–10:45 PDT: Upgrade to Oracle 19c (live demo)
11:00–11:45 PDT: Oracle 19c Performance Tuning (presentation and demo)
12:00–12:45 PDT: Oracle 19c Performance Tuning (continuation)

December 3, 2020 – Webinar

APEX Everywhere, Data Anywhere:

New APEX 20.1 REST Enabled SQL Support

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Central

Erik Espinoza

Erik Espinoza

Director of APEX+ Practice

A backing service is any service the app consumes over the network as part of its normal operation. Examples include data stores, messaging/queueing systems, SMTP services for outbound email, web services, etc. In this session we will review and guide you through the steps of building a solution around the support of REST Enabled SQL sources in the new release of APEX, bringing together data across multiple external sources in a declarative way, the APEX way!

Meet the speaker:
Erik Espinoza is the Director of APEX+ for Viscosity North America, where he leads Oracle APEX based solutions for Viscosity clients nationwide. Erik has also presented at Oracle conferences such as Collaborate, ODTUG Kscope, and Oracle Code One (Oracle OpenWorld). He’s a regular guest on APEX Office Hours en Español and has been featured on Oracle’s Dev Live channel of events,

Prior to joining Viscosity, Erik served as CTO for Kipo, an internet startup providing SaaS solutions. Kipo was one of the first startups in Guatemala City’s now-thriving tech center. Erik has also worked for Xerox, ACS, Banco Reformador, Carillo Law, and SkillBuilders. When not exploring technology, he volunteers as scout leader for the National Scout Association of Guatemala. He also works with Guatemalan youth as part of a gang outreach service.

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