Viscosity North America released their findings today, from a series of benchmark tests that compare Amazon’s Redshift (Redshift) and Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADW).

This report comes after Oracle announced on March 27, the release of Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse, based in Oracle’s 18c Autonomous Database, as a direct competitor to Amazon Redshift.

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Both services tout the ability to simplify the provisioning, maintenance, and optimizations for data warehouse workloads in the Cloud, with no administration required. To see how both platforms held up to their claims, Viscosity tested, validated, and benchmarked using three key performance tests; data load from an Object Store into the data warehouse service, serial execution of each query set, and a multi-user throughput test, concurrently running a basic and more complex query.

Viscosity’s CTO, Nitin Vengurlekar, expanded on the decision to do the benchmark, saying “Viscosity had a number of inquiries from our customer base that were looking for data warehouse cloud solutions. As their trusted advisors, we embarked in the journey to do comparison research to evaluate the most appropriate data warehouse cloud platform based on price and performance. As part of the process, our team evaluated and reviewed several different cloud solutions. We ended up focusing on Redshift and Oracle’s ADW as the key solutions for the official benchmark test.”

[blockquote author=”- Nitin Vengurlekar, Chief Technology Officer” link=””]”As part of the process, we evaluated and reviewed several different cloud solutions. We ended up focusing on these two technologies, AWS Redshift and Oracle’s ADW, for an official benchmark test.”[/blockquote]

With these findings, Data Warehouse consumers will be able to decipher and choose the right product for their environment, based on performance and cost. To learn more about Viscosity’s findings, download the full report here.

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