Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)

Viscosity North America is a Recognized

HUB in the State of Texas




Viscosity North America is a recognized HUB, or Historically Underutilized Business Program, in the state of Texas. To be accredited as a HUB, the majority of business must reside in the state of Texas for profit and have at least 51% of the company must be controlled by a minority group.

At Viscosity, we pride ourselves on the diversity that can be seen throughout the company and what we are able to provide to our clients and partners. Through this minority diversity development program, we are able to promote innovation through implementation of products, solutions, and services. Within each of these channels, we are committed to doing business in diverse markets, which in turn creates economic growth. Diversity is seen as a source of strength to our company, and therefore has been given the priority and respect it deserves when delivering the products and services that we provide to our consumers. Couple that with our vast experience and insight into what is driving IT complexity makes Viscosity.

For more information on Texas HUB Program, visit https://www.comptroller.texas.gov.