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Throughout my 35 year IT career, I have had many opportunities to work with Oracle and Oracle consulting partners and implementers. Viscosity ranks among the top; either #1 or #2 considering the overall experience. Their ODA and Oracle technical knowledge is exceptional, their ability to work within and navigate the Oracle internal support and engineering structure is very effective.

I would highly recommend Viscosity and the Oracle ODA, and that recommendation is built mainly on my faith and trust in Viscosity.

Michael Reilly

United Physicians

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Is your ODA keeping you awake at night or you fret that you cannot upgrade to Oracle Database 12c/18c because your ODA release is outdated?


Viscosity North America (Viscosity), an Oracle Platinum Partner, provides end-to-end ODA Lifecycle Services including upgrades and patches at a fixed (no hassle) rate, for customers who need their ODAs updated to the latest bundle patches. In addition, Viscosity provides a comprehensive review on security compliance, linux and database assessment, and capacity planning with the ODA Lifecycle Services to protect your investment in ODA.

Our proven methods have helped even our customer’s most difficult upgrading and patching challenges. Leave the difficult task of patching ODAs to Viscosity who provide input to the best practices for ODA. Let us eliminate the complexity and risk with Viscosity ODA Lifecycle Services and ensure a successful patching at a lowest cost so that you can concentrate on areas of the Oracle database that matter the most to the business. See for yourself!As part of our ODA Lifecycle Services, Viscosity’s team of experts will assess your current utilization and capacity on the ODA and provide industry best practice recommendations and help you to harness the performance and storage capabilities of ODA for your Oracle Database.In addition, Viscosity also provides turnkey managed services to help our clients maximize the benefits and investment in ODA.


For more information, you can download ourĀ ODA Patching Services Data Sheet here or our ODA Healthcheck Data Sheet here.

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